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Personalized videos from celebrities as a gift

Looking for an unique birthday present? A celebrity shoutout is an excellent surprise and a lifelong memory for any occasion! Choose from your favorite celebrities on shoutout1.com, place an order and receive your personalized video message with a cameo appearance from a celebrity your loved one adores...
You can keep the instructions simple. For instance, ask the celebrity to send birthday wishes, give a pep talk, wish a colleague success in their new role, support a friend going through a hard time etc. To make the cameo appearance warm & personal we recommend providing as much detail as possible about the person you want to congratulate.
Maybe it’s a common hobby, or an important stage in life or even a joke that the celebrity making the cameo appearance will love as much as your party. Mention a gift that you prepared in the celebrity shoutout, such as "wish that bicycle you got today from your friends will help you be in shape, discover new places and have amazing experiences!"
A shoutout with a cameo appearance from a celebrity will fit nicely into any corporate event. Your employees, colleagues and business partners will be delighted. Company anniversaries, Christmas parties or team building, a cameo appearance from a beloved celebrity will supercharge morale and excite your colleagues on any occasion.
Choose your favorite celebrity. Musicians, actors, athletes, comedians, bloggers, artists, streamers, esports players, broadcasters, entertainers and notables of other professions will gladly congratulate and interact with you, your colleagues and loved ones - you can hire celebrities to say things. A shoutout with a cameo appearance from a celebrity is a fantastic memory for everyone involved.
A celebrity shoutout can be ordered not just for celebrity birthday wishes. Place your order for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or New Years, wedding congratulations or support in divorce, university admission or graduations. With your celebrity video message you can ask someone out, apologize, pitch a prospective client or give your significant other a pep talk. A celebrity can congratulate your whole team and business partners, and help bring any of your ideas to life!
Take a look at existing celebrity messages from on our site and check out their reviews. These examples will help you understand the format and shape your own vivid & memorable congratulations and interactions with the celebrity.
Personalized video from a celebrity will make any celebration extra special - your friends and family will never forget the magical moment!
Surprise your loved ones and gift them the experience of a lifetime! Book a celebrity shoutout today!